Prenatal Education

Everything You Need to Know

Own Your Birth

Childbirth Class

Own your birth has been created to help women feel confident and well informed about what to expect for childbirth. Whether they are planning a natural birth or cesarean I want you to feel ready to take on this birth journey! 

Plaform/Spaces Offered:

Baby holding parent pinky finger
Pregnant woman in nature

Own Your Pregnancy

Prenatal Health Class

Own Your Pregnancy is a prenatal class that shows newly pregnant mothers how to stay healthy during pregnancy. How confident do you feel in picking the right hospital to deliver in or even the right healthcare professional? Got nausea that just won't go away? How do you cope? I'm here to guide you through your pregnancy!

Platform/Spaces Offered:

  • Online Live Group Session 

  • Private 3 hour class - In-person or Online

You Can Breastfeed

Breastfeeding Class

Informative and Applicable breastfeeding class to help you feel confident in your ability to breastfeed! Includes worksheets and resources! Topics Include:
- How to prepare for breastfeeding
- How to Latch
- How to Increase Milk Supply
- Labor & Breastfeeding

Mother and baby in autumn
Baby holding parent pinky finger

You & Your Newborn

Postpartum and Newborn Care Class

This class goes over newborn care and the development of your baby. We go over topics such as:
-Going back to work
-What baby items you need
-Baby Behavior