How to birth confidently and without fear-  Online childbirth class

A must-take childbirth class that builds your confidence and removes the fear the of childbirth.

Are you ready to remove your fear about what to expect from childbirth?

Have you asked yourself these questions?

What can I expect from the hospital staff?

How can I prevent a cesarean?

How can I create a birth plan when birth is so unexpected?

How do I create a birth plan?

I want to go natural but how?

How do I handle labor pain?

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About Own Your Birth Childbirth Class

Why is taking a childbirth class important? Because it reduces fear. Reducing fear in your birth lowers the amount of pain you feel. This childbirth class helps remove the fears and gives you control of your birth.

This course taught by a certified perinatal educator teaches you what to expect in labor and delivery, how to create a birth plan, and what to do if your plans change

What are you getting this course?

Here's what else your getting:​

  • Get your questions answered

  • Access to our online Facebook mom group

  • Never leave your home

  • Materials and Handouts provided for you! No need to buy anything!

  • Reduce fear of childbirth!

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Meet the Instructor

Hey! I’m Angel and I’m a certified doula, certified childbirth educator, and certified lactation counselor! I’m also a mother myself of five young littles. 

My passion for prenatal & postpartum care comes from my experience as a mother. My personal pregnancy and childbirth experiences range on the spectrum from miscarriage, prematurity, cesarean births, vaginal birth after cesareans, and natural vaginal births. 

I know what it’s like to be uncertain about what birth is like, and the surprise of knowing later that I had more options and control over my birth than I realized. When I first got pregnant I thought my midwife would tell me everything about what would happen during labor or the purpose of all the tests they did. To my surprise, there wasn’t much explanation and I didn’t know what questions I should be asking. I created this course to help you explore what to expect and to open the dialog between you and your provider. I also built this course to help mothers feel absolutely confident in their ability to birth their babies and remove fear from childbirth


Do you feel lost about your choices on things like pain medication for childbirth, how to prevent a c section, or how to cope with the pain of childbirth? Own Your Birth will give you the answers!


How can this class help me?

This class helps first-time parents overcome the fear of childbirth pain and build their confidence in being able to birth.

Knowledge equals less fear. Less fear = less pain. Less pain and fear means better attachment to your baby and a good experience in bringing your child into the world

I know you’re tired momma...No worries stay in your PJs

I offer this class for those who enjoy classes from the comfort of their own home (when your pregnant sometimes you don’t want to go anywhere!) and created these courses so you don’t need to buy anything extra (unless you really want to)!

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Value of $299! Get the course for $179!

Paid in two payments!


What’s included


Informative Worksheets


Discounts on subsequent classes & services

Ask Questions

Get your questions answered live

Two Bonus Classes

-Introduction to breastfeeding
-Introduction to newborn care


Additional benefits of this class

  • Get evidence-based facts from a certified doula and certified childbirth educator!

  • Learn valuable coping skills no matter how you deliver

  • Know your options for your birth

  • Create a positive birth environment 

  • Create your ideal birth team

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Value of $299! Get the course for $127!


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Interested in taking a childbirth class on your own time ? We offer an On- Demand Class! It was $150 for 90 days but get it now $69 a month with a free trial!