How to be happy, confident, and healthy during your pregnancy- Online prenatal class

A must-take pregnancy class. How to stay healthy, feel confident, and make great choices for yourself and your baby

Ready to start your pregnancy feeling great and being more comfortable in your own skin while also reducing health risks?

Who’s this course for?

  • Want to reduce pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, and heartburn

  • Want to lower the risk of premature labor, gestational diabetes, and miscarriage

  • Want to know how to stay healthy during pregnancy

  • Make it easier to shed baby weight after pregnancy

  • Reduce labor problems such as breach baby, and back labor.


What are you getting this course?

Here's what else your getting:​

  • Get valuable worksheets sent to you

  • Get your questions answered live

  • Discounts on future classes

  • Discounts on my birth services

  •  Pregnancy Resources

  • Relate to other parents!

Meet the Instructor

Hey! I’m Angel and I’m a certified doula, certified childbirth educator, and certified lactation counselor! I’m also a mother myself of five young littles. My passion for prenatal & postpartum care comes from my experience as a mother. My personal pregnancy and childbirth experiences range on the spectrum from miscarriage, prematurity, cesarean births, vaginal birth after cesareans, and natural vaginal births!


Are you done with feeling super tired, nauseous, and in pain during your pregnancy?


How can this class help me?

I know how uncomfortable pregnancy can be with awful nausea, painful hips, feeling like you need to sleep all day. With so much information on google and in books it can be hard to figure out what’s true, what works, and if it actually helps.

Well, I’ve gathered all the information you need to feel better during your pregnancy and also give you building blocks to make the best choices for you and your baby!

Pregnant Woman Working Out

We’ve reduced cost due to COVID-19 and NOW offer this class online!  Get this live course for $47 for a limited time!


What’s included


Informative Worksheets


Discounts on subsequent classes & services

Ask Questions

Get your questions answered live

Two Bonus Classes

-Introduction to breastfeeding
-Introduction to newborn care


Additional benefits of this class

  • Get evidence-based facts from a certified doula and certified childbirth educator!

  • Learn how to create a meal plan

  • Learn prenatal stretches to ease physical discomforts

  • Create your ideal birth team


Ready to start your pregnancy feeling great and being more comfortable in your own skin while also reducing health risks?


Here's a preview of the class


Interested in taking a childbirth class on your own time ? We offer an On- Demand Class! Was originally priced for $95, now access it from any phone, tablet or smart phone for only $37 a month!