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The Birth Cafe Podcast - Trailer


Hello my name is Angel Coleman your certified doula, certified lactation counselor, and certified perinatal educator and momma of five little ones. Welcome to The Birth Cafe podcast! I am so excited to have you here today! This podcast is for birth professionals and parents alike. We will talk about a variety of different topics regard

ing, birth, pregnancy and postpartum. I want you guys to feel like you’re sitting at your favorite coffee shop and having a discussion with one of your close friends. we won’t shy away from the touchy topics we’ll talk about them while also providing evidence-based discussion while also offering compassion and empathy. I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast and I’ll see you inside.

What can you expect from The Birth Cafe Podcast?

  • Interviews with LEADING EXPERTS in their field!

  • Tips for having an amazing pregnancy and birth

  • Going against the grain controversial topics like why we should stop telling moms that most women can't breastfeed and why the formula industry is setting you up to fail.

  • Sneak peaks to classes

  • Birth Stories and Mom tips

This guide includes:

  • How you can reduce fear and anxiety about childbirth Identify stressors in your life

  • Resources you can use to be mindful in your everyday life

  • Useful tips that you can apply in childbirth and everyday parenting

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