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Overwhelmed by all the information out there or just plan anxious about how birth will turn out? I have several options for you to set you on the right path and get the help and support you need.
Need help deciding which service to do. No worries! Let's chat!

Holding Hands
Family Maternity
Water Birth

Birth Doula/Coaching Services

Birth Doula Support provides educational, emotional, informational, and physical support during pregnancy labor, and delivery. Labor support is in person.


Birth Coaching prepares mothers mentally and emotionally for labor, through education and 1-1 support. This does not include in-person labor support.  

Birth Planning

Overwhelmed with your options for planning for your birth? Need a road map on how to achieve the birth you want? Birth Planning is perfect for helping parents understand how to build a birth they can be proud of and how they can get there. Includes a custom-made birth plan, Birth Prep Bundle, Better Birth Foundations Course, and a 2-hour 1-1 planning session with Angel.  

1-1 Prenatal Support

Have a burning question and just need some clarity on some things going on in your pregnancy or birth? Overwhelmed by google and just need to be sent in the right direction and some reliable resources? Have no fear! Schedule a 45-minute discussion where I answer all your questions and provide you with the resources you need to know where to go next.

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