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How much does a doula cost and how can I afford one?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

You've heard the craze, you've done some research, and you are interested in hiring a birth doula. Now we won't be going over why you should hire a doula as you probably already have a good idea of the benefits of a doula (if not, click here to find out more). Now that you are informed let's talk about cost and how to pay for one.

Are doulas expensive?

It depends on a variety of different things—one: your area. Depending on location, prices may be higher or lower. It also depends on how experienced your doula is and their skillset. Doulas that offer more charge more, or if they are in high demand, their prices may be higher. Newer doulas often charge less and may even not charge at all depending on if they're freshly trained and working on certification. The price range can be $200-$2000. Most doulas offer a sliding scale, so chat with the doulas you're interviewing about prices. A lot of doulas also create package deals and offer discounts if you book other services. Here at Fruit of the Womb, we offer various packages and even discounts for booking one of our classes!

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Do I have to pay everything upfront?

Most doulas have you first pay a deposit and then spend the rest by 36-39 weeks pregnant, while others may not have you pay until after delivery. I typically charge a deposit and then request payment in full by 36 weeks. If a mother is due sooner rather than later and needs to break up payments, I develop an adjusted payment plan.

Do Insurance cover doulas?

Insurance usually doesn't pay for a doula. Unless you live in NYC and are on Medicaid in NYC, expect to pay out of pocket for doula services. That being said, some insurance companies cover partial costs for a doula. There may also be a volunteer doula program in your area, so be sure to do your research!

Are there other ways to pay a doula?

Some doulas may exchange services. Other doulas accept HSA or FSA! Here at Fruit of the Womb, we do accept HSA or FSA. Health Sharing Plans like Samaritan Ministries may offer coverage of doula services and midwifery services.

How can I save money to pay for a doula?

One really great way is having a doula fund on at your baby shower or even on Facebook. People love donating to a cause. If you get a decent tax refund, you can use that. General saving, of course, is encouraged. Ask your doula about their payment options. BeHerVillage is a Birth & Postpartum Registry aimed to help mothers get doulas, lactation services, and postpartum help. You can use it and have parents donate money for these services.

How do I get a free doula?

Many communities offer doula community services, which serve low-income families. Ask local doulas or Facebook mom groups if they know anyone offering free services. If you live in Ohio, find an Ohio doula.

Looking for a black doula in the greater Cleveland area or a black doula near you? You can use DoulaMatch search option to find a doula of color near you.

Doulas are an excellent investment to your birth team and even the postpartum team. They offer lots of help, resources, and support during pregnancy and labor and also after delivery. Whether your having a cesarean or hoping to be successful in breastfeeding, hiring a doula is an excellent start to creating the best birth and postpartum outcome for you and your baby.

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