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Fruit of the Perinatal Services has partnered with Cornerstone Pregnancy services to offer mothers in Lorain County and the Westside of Cuyahoga County free doula & education services!

Our goal is to lower the infant and maternal mortality rate in our counties by providing doula services and education to help prevent these outcomes. We offer:

  • Birth Doula Services

  • Postpartum Support

  • Prenatal & Childbirth Classes

  • Newborn Classes

  • Breastfeeding Support and Counseling

  • Support for your partner

In addition to receiving education and doula services you also receive:

  • Over $400 worth of baby items

  • Several Gas & Grocery gift cards

  • Free Newborn Photo Session

  • Baby Basket

We are looking for moms who are lower-income who may not be able to afford doula services. In addition, we are looking for moms who are :

  • Black/Indigenous/Woman of ColorLatina

  • Want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean

  • Wants to breastfeed

  • Wants a natural birth

  • Experienced a traumatic birth

  • First-time mother

  • Limited Support

How to qualify:

  • Low Income

    • If you are on food stamps, WIC or Medicaid you are likely to qualify.

    • Please reach out even if you think you make too much. I can take you on as a private client with flexible payment plans.

  • Estimated Due Date in 2022

  • Willing to commit to the education program

  • Willing to stay in touch with your doula

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