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The Birth Cafe Podcast - Breastfeeding Doesn’t need to Suck with Kathleen Kendall Tackett – 03


Welcome to The Birth Café Podcast. Angel Coleman is the Owner and Founder of Fruit of the Womb Perinatal Services. She is a Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

In this Podcast Dr. Kendall chats with me about mental health and breastfeeding. She also shares with me what's in her upcoming book: Breastfeeding Doesn't Need to Suck.

Dr. Kendall-Tackett is a health psychologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Praeclarus Press, a small press specializing in women’s health. Dr. Kendall-Tackett is Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Psychological Trauma and was Founding Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Lactation, a position she held for 11 years. She is Fellow of the American Psychological Association in Health and Trauma Psychology, Past President of the APA Division of Trauma Psychology, and a member of APA’s Publications and Communications Board.

Order Breastfeeding Doesn’t Need to Suck:

What can you expect from The Birth Cafe Podcast?

  • Interviews with LEADING EXPERTS in their field!

  • Tips for having an amazing pregnancy and birth

  • Going against the grain controversial topics like why we should stop telling moms that most women can't breastfeed and why the formula industry is setting you up to fail.

  • Sneak peaks to classes

  • Birth Stories and Mom tips

This guide includes:

  • How you can reduce fear and anxiety about childbirth Identify stressors in your life

  • Resources you can use to be mindful in your everyday life

  • Useful tips that you can apply in childbirth and everyday parenting

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