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Powerful and valuable reasons why you need a doula for your birth

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Why a Birth Doula?

You may have heard or seen the term doula bouncing around the internet, your doctor's office, or your pregnancy books. You may wonder what a doula is, or what they may do, and why you should invest in having one. Doulas are there to support both mom and her partner. You’ll meet many people from your care team, like doctors and nurses but you won’t see much of your doctor during labor, and nurses don't usually have the time to support and help mom cope with labor. A mother can be in labor for 12 hours or more and that could be exhausting for your partner. Doulas are a powerful asset for mothers as they can assist with pain management and comfort, and emotional and physical support for you and your partner.

What is a Doula?

So what is a Doula? A birth Doula is a trained labor support person that assists with pain management during labor, emotional and physical support to mom and partner, and offers evidence-based information to help a parent make an informed decision during labor and delivery. We DO NOT deliver babies.

We do not replace your partner, but rather offer additional assistance to you both.

What does doula support look like?

  • Help you remember techniques taught in your childbirth class if you took one

  • Help baby to move in optimal positions to avoid getting stuck

  • Encouraging movements and environments to avoid a slow progressing labor

  • Guiding support team on how to best support mom during labor

  • Avoid epidural labor stalls and encourage labor to progress

  • Create a cesarean birth that feels more like a birth and less like a surgery

  • Helping you have your birth wishes heard even if it's not what the hospital normally does

  • Make sure dad and mom have their questions answered

  • Helping parents find alternatives to medical procedures and while still moving toward their birth goals

Benefits of a doula

  • Reduce the likelihood of cesarean

  • Offer breaks to the partner

  • Provide needed resources in your community

  • Provide breastfeeding support

  • Coach you through the labor process

  • Shorter Labors

  • Less medical interventions

  • Better overall birth experience

  • Pain management techniques

  • Emotional Support

Why does your birth matter?

It's one day in your life but it impacts you and your baby mentally, physically, and emotionally. So how does it affect you in those ways?

💜 It impacts bonding 💜You will remember it forever 💜 It could impact your desire for future children 💜 It can affect your mental health 💜 It impacts successful breastfeeding 💜 It impacts your baby's immune system 💜 It can affect your baby's digestive system

Trained birth doulas have a passion to help moms get the support they need during labor and to helping moms have a voice during their labor and delivery. They want mothers to get the most ideal and safe birth they possibly can emotionally, physically, and mentally. We are the counselors and advocates for birth!

Interested in a doula?

If a birth doula is something you are interested in Fruit of The Womb Perinatal Services will happily provide this service for you with a FREE Consultation.


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