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The Better Birth Foundation Course

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The first step in having a birth you can feel proud of is choosing the right environment and team for the goals you want in your birth. Here's what our foundation course helps you achieve: Learn how to avoid picking the wrong provider so you can have an amazing birth. Understand what is normal in your pregnancy and what's… not so normal. Bust the confusing myths that google and your friends share. We've cut out hours of google research and have put together the best evidence-based information in one place. Learn all of this in less than 2 hours! You'll also get: Free Pregnancy E-book Fun Quizzes Exclusive Private Mom Group Worksheets & Resources Bonus Topics: What to expect in your pregnancy & How to prepare for breastfeeding. Do you wonder if this information is relevant even if you aren't in your first trimester? The answer is YES! No matter where you are in your pregnancy it's never too late to apply this information, however, the earlier you use this info the better!

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