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Microbirth Workshop

 Microbirth: Ensuring a Healthy Future for Your Baby

Create a healthy start for your baby during pregnancy AND birth!

Imagine a future where...

🌟 Your baby thrives with a strong, healthy immune system.

🌟 You have peace of mind knowing you made informed decisions that support your baby’s long-term health.

🌟 You feel confident and empowered with knowledge about how to protect your baby’s microbiome.

🌟 You are equipped with practical, natural strategies to enhance your baby’s health from day one.

Many parents are unaware of how modern birth choices can impact their baby's long-term health. Most doctors aren't aware of how birth interventions ( c-sections and antibiotics etc) can impact the baby's health negatively long after they've been born. In this 90-minute Microbirth Workshop learn how you can improve your prenatal health and make birth decisions that can set your baby up for a healthy life and it starts with your baby's microbiome!

In this workshop you will learn:
  • The science behind the microbiome and its crucial role in your baby's health

  • Common modern birth practices and interventions (C-sections, antibiotics, etc.) and how these practices can disrupt your baby’s microbiome.

  • Practical steps to support your baby’s microbiome before birth.

  • Nutritional and lifestyle changes that promote a healthy microbiome.

  • Safe, natural ways to boost your baby’s immune system in utero.

  • Implement actionable strategies to improve your baby’s health during pregnancy.

  • Feel confident in your ability to support your baby’s development naturally.


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You won't learn this in your prenatal appointment or childbirth class.

This is a missing link in childbirth education

​Modern birth practices, while medically advanced, often overlook the crucial role of a baby’s microbiome. The microbiome, a community of beneficial bacteria, plays a significant role in your baby's overall health. Unfortunately, certain interventions and practices during pregnancy and birth can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to potential health issues down the line.


Hello! My name is Angel, and I am excited to be your instructor for the Microbirth Workshop. As a mother of six, a Certified Doula, Lactation Counselor, and Childbirth Educator, I have 10 years of mom experience, 7 years of professional experience, this information had me wishing someone had told me this before I had my children! I don't want any more mothers saying: " Why wasn't I told this!" 

This 90-minute workshop,will teach you how to create the best and healthiest start for your baby by understanding the microbiome. We will cover making informed birth decisions to support your baby's immune system and how to communicate effectively with your birth team for your baby's long-term health.

Join me for this transformative workshop, and let’s work together to ensure a healthy, happy future for your baby!



✨ A Microbirth Parent Handbook that will easily and simply explain the microbiome ✨

🤩 Microbiome Mindful Diet and Lifestyle Guide

🤯 Mind Blowing Handouts on Vaginal Births vs C-Section, Group B Strep, Waterbirths and More!


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WARNING: You won't view birth the same again after this workshop!


  • Aren't interested in a more natural/holistic but scientific approach  

  • Don't want to learn more about what birth options you have

  • Want to stick with the status quo of birth

Angel takes her time to make sure you understand something if you do not. Her kind attitude and motherly vibes make you feel welcome to ask questions when feeling insecure. Highly recommend!

Crystal D

Microbirth Workshop FAQ

1. What is the Microbirth Workshop?

The Microbirth Workshop is a 2-hour educational session designed to help expecting parents understand the importance of the microbiome in their baby’s health. It covers how to make informed birth decisions, support your baby's immune system, and communicate effectively with your birth team to ensure your baby's long-term health.

2. Who is the instructor?

The workshop is led by Angel, a mother of six, Certified Doula, Lactation Counselor, and Childbirth Educator with extensive experience in prenatal and neonatal care.

3. What will I learn in the workshop?

You will learn about:

  • The role of the microbiome in your baby’s health.

  • The impact of modern birth practices on the microbiome.

  • How to support a healthy microbiome during pregnancy.

  • Making informed birth decisions.

  • Post-birth strategies for enhancing your baby’s microbiome.

  • Effective communication with your healthcare team.

4. How long is the workshop?

The workshop lasts for 90 minutes.

5. Why is the microbiome important for my baby?

The microbiome is crucial for your baby's immune system and overall health. A healthy microbiome can help prevent chronic conditions like asthma, eczema, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases.

6. Will I have the opportunity to ask questions during the workshop?

Yes, there will be a Q&A session where you can get personalized advice and answers to your specific questions.

7. How can I register my spot for the workshop? You can reserve your spot by visiting our registration page or emailing

8. Is this workshop suitable for all expecting parents?

Yes, the workshop is designed for all expecting parents who want to ensure a healthy start for their baby by understanding and supporting the microbiome.

Classes are great and she is very knowledgeable! She was a blessing throughout my whole pregnancy with twins!

Sarah T

Join Us for the Microbirth Workshop!

In just 90 minutes you can learn how to ensure a lifetime of health for your baby. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and take the first step towards a healthier future for your baby.

Register Now!

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